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Vacationality is a unique vacation club brand by Wyndham, offering a shorter term membership than their traditional vacation ownership brand. With over 50 vacation destinations in over 90 amazing resorts featuring home-like suites, members decide when, where, how long, and with whom they travel.

One of the main marketing channels for this product is an event where the brand and product is presented in an innovative, fun and deliciously interactive experience. This particular shoot was of a date night event in downtown Atlanta, featuring Chef Marvin Woods, a renowned culinary artist and author of The New Low-Country Cooking.

The photographs were taken to showcase the various activities featured at the event, including a fun vacation personality profile test, signature drinks prepared based on the guests’ vacation personality profiles, dream board interaction, dinner prepared on-site by guest celebrity chef and a vacation virtual reality experience. The images are published to market the events on the web, email and social media channels, and to communicate the brand in internal corporate presentations.