• Brand strategy
  • Creative strategy
  • Logo design
  • Copywriting
  • Stationery design & production
  • Brochure design & production
  • Custom website design & development
  • Brand book/guideline
  • Custom product photography
  • Social Media posts design
  • Events and promotional design & production


My Lovely Day is a curated online shopping experience for wedding accessories, decor, and the essentials in-between. Brides are busy and their time and wedding planning experience is precious. My Lovely Day transforms endless choices into six stunning collections, curated by professional stylists and neatly organized by category and price range.

Wedding details should be as unique and personal as each bride’s love story. A complementary quiz offers a fun way for brides to discover which collection is the perfect match. Or for a truly personalized experience, brides can also mix-and-match items from any collection to showcase their unique style.


We were engaged to brand My Lovely Day’s fresh business concept, keeping in mind its goal of disrupting the wedding industry by offering a more intimate and intuitive wedding planning solution for brides. Therefore, we strengthen the business’s value proposition through a creative strategy that is centered around design and customized website user experience that is simple, organized, and beautiful. Beauty and simple functionality reflect My Lovely Day’s mission to offer a simple yet couture experience.

My Lovely Day Identity

My Lovely Day uses a script font which expresses elegance and style, paired with geometric sans serif that is friendly and approachable. The website’s aesthetics are posh yet playful, modern yet romantic, and refined yet simple, mirroring My Lovely Day’s commitment to providing luxurious service at an accessible price.

Main Logo & Icons

Collection Logos

Color Palette

Champagne pink balanced with gray, black, and a touch of gold creates an inviting atmosphere that is both chic and feminine.


Because My Lovely Day is exclusively online, the website is the centerpiece of the business. The homepage explains the My Lovely Day experience and what the bride can expect. A bridal style quiz prompts the creation of an online account and the quiz results page gives a sneak peak of the full member level experience so brides can see a sample of the types of products available, along with an option to preview other bridal style collections. Brides can also save favorite items to a personal digital inspiration board, called My Lovely Board. We custom designed and coded special functionalities to give the bride the ability to create multiple custom boards and give family and friends a sneak peek of their plans by sharing favorite items. Every item includes a direct link to buy the product, so brides can effortlessly plan and purchase all of the little details for their big day.


In order to offer diverse and beautiful collections for brides to choose from, My Lovely Day partners with affiliate vendors such as Etsy, Amazon, and Nordstrom to feature their products on the My Lovely Day website. A partner kit was created to help promote My Lovely Day’s business concept to potential vendors in a clear and enticing way. The stock of the brochure and business cards had a pearl finish with a design that mirrors the elegance and sophistication of My Lovely Day’s brand identity.

Event Promo

My Lovely Day’s presence at bridal expos and other similar events is an essential part of promoting the business. A travel-friendly background banner and a branded runner with the versatility to cover a variety of table sizes provided an easy and effective way to promote My Lovely Day at any venue. In addition to square flyers of playful quotes from the social media campaign, customized leave-behind favors were created as a fun and tangible way for brides to try out My Lovely Day’s services. Assortments of velvet pouches, branded with the My Lovely Day logo, were filled with goodies matching the theme of each My Lovely Day bridal collection. Brides could choose their favorite collection and take home a curated sample of their bridal style.

Proposal Boxes

My Lovely Day offers a fun and memorable way for brides to pop the question to their bridal party. Brides can purchase proposal boxes from the My Lovely Day website and ship them directly to their bridal party. We provided custom product photography of each item and the design of the proposal cards. The proposal boxes give brides a taste of the kind of products My Lovely Day curates and the level of service they can expect.

Social Media

Instagram posts were faithful to My Lovely Day’s brand, utilizing brand colors and keeping the copy simple and sweet. Headlines were empowering, feminine, and fun. My Lovely Day wanted its social media presence to reflect the company’s values and help Instagram followers understand the company culture and mission. The posts served as a celebration of love and encouragement to savor and enjoy the bridal experience.