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With locations throughout Southwest Orlando, Mosaic Church works to positively impact its own community and communities around the world. The people of Mosaic Church, including the pastor and support staff, are dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere within the church’s walls as well as demonstrating God’s passion for people. They do this by loving people, loving God and serving the world.

Mosaic Church’s story had never been told before so the first step was to capture the congregation’s love of people. We did this by taking candid photos during service times, each one representing the heart of each ministry and showing the audience what worship looked like. Friendly faces and warm smiles were a clear display of Mosaic’s love for God and His people.

The next chapter was capturing how Mosaic Church uses technology to engage the audience in worship and the message on stage through music, lighting and audio-visual production. These shots were curated for a feature story in Church Production magazine.

Mosaic Church’s story wraps up with portraits of the staff. In an effort to show the real people behind the smiles, we spent extra time with each person to discover who they really are. Through art direction and casual interviews, each person warmed up to their authentic self – something that Mosaic Church is known to be.


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