• Brand Development (culture, colors, style)
  • Art Directing
  • Copy Directing
  • Design Printed Product Launch Materials
  • Design Printed Marketing Collaterals
  • Design Email Marketing Campaign
  • Developing Brand Guidelines


This brand was born from a marriage between Wyndham’s strong vacation ownership brand and Margaritaville’s much-loved beach lifestyle brand. Parrotheads can now own a piece of paradise at Margaritaville Vacation Club. They are introduced to a lifetime of vacation through vacation ownership (timeshare). Wyndham owners can also vacation there and experience the Margaritaville lifestyle.

The story of the Margaritaville Vacation Club had to be unlike any other Wyndham brand. Its purpose was to truly immerse the audience in what a lifetime of leisure at Jimmy Buffett’s tropical paradise would be. With its first location in St. Thomas, Margaritaville Vacation Club had to encourage those parrotheads to convert into vacation owners and those vacation owners into parrotheads.

We further unfolded and developed the story that the in-house brand team at Wyndham started using Jimmy Buffett’s travel journal as the inspiration for this creative concept. The journal look was the perfect avenue for walking the audience through the stories and visions of this paradise as if it were told by Jimmy himself.


We created a brand that tells a story about a high-quality tropical vacation ownership product and a lifestyle inspired by the handwritten journal and sketches of the very dreamer who envisioned this paradise.

Color Palette

Since Margaritaville’s logo and main colors of lime and aqua were already developed, we set the vacation club’s colors apart by mixing in elements of the Wyndham brand to create a richer color palette. The result was a tropical vibe that was vibrant, fun and a little bit nautical.

Stock Photography Selection

We selected a set of stock images that truly immerses the audience in the Margaritaville lifestyle, which is a life of leisure. These images transport the audience straight to island time.

Print Media

We designed print pieces that launched and promoted the product while inviting the audience to discover the brand's full story.

PACKAGING | Rafia & Luggage Tag

Since this brochure is part of the new owner kit, we literally had to tie a pretty little bow around it to put the finishing touches on the story. The worn leather luggage tag is a gift that says, "New owner, you're appreciated." It reminds the new owner of the brand story behind their new investment.


Branding should be evident everywhere, even in the way the copy is written. Words and references were inspired by Jimmy Buffett's songs, and clever nautical nods make headlines say what they need to say but in Margaritavillanese.