• Creative Strategy
  • Branding (culture, colors, style)
  • Logo Design
  • Launch Website Design
  • Final Website Design
  • Product Photography
  • Developing Brand Guidelines


The name Kudagra is derived from the French word “coup de gras,” which means “the killing blow” and originally referred to the decisive finishing act toward a mortally wounded person on a battlefield.

Kudagra’s modern brand has translated this phrase to also reference the monumental moments of triumph in a sporting game – the winning homerun or the goal that claims victory in overtime.

Though Kudagra is passionate about winning, the brand also stands for going after and achieving dreams through real action of skill demonstration. Leaders at Kudagra also hold themselves socially responsible for the support of military families.


Our goal was to create brand imaging for an edgy line of military-inspired sports apparel.


The logo application is intended to represent a simplistic view while maintaining recognition and affinity for the brand. Military inspired, tough, and edgy are some of the brand personalities of Kudagra that are visually communicated in the logo.

Color Palette

For the corporate brand and marketing collaterals, we began with a base that signifies a modern and sporty look by using a bold color palette. This foundation was established with an understanding that the colors will change as the apparel designs change.

Custom Product Photography

We served Kudugra as a product photographer for its head gear and accessories. The purpose of each shot was to show off the brand with clean, detailed images that focused on each item specifically without the use of models.

Stock Photography Selection

We began by selecting stock photography to tell the story of Kudagra’s brand. Then we created and applied a gritty, unsaturated effect that is truly unique to the business.

Launch Website

We designed a temporary launch page to build anticipation for the full website and the release of merchandise for sale.

Full Website

Since Kudagra’s audience ranges from teens to adults, the goal was to develop a look that appealed to everyone. With military gaming as an inspiration, this dark, metallic website includes touches of lighting effects to perfectly tell the brand story of empowering and inspiring athletes to be the best they can be. See the branding live on