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  • Investment Kit Design and Production
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  • Custom Lifestyle Photography
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Kingdom Impact Investments (KII) is a visionary cultivator of wealth, creating shared interest partnerships within a symbiotic capital structure for growth and investment opportunities. KII primarily deploys private capital initiatives in the real estate marketplace. KII strives to mitigate risk for investors and provide a platform for operating partners to grow without the stress of conventional capital structures.

KII’s incredible mission is to impact the world by restoring hope in the lives of people in all nations. As a tangible expression of their greater purpose, they exist as a for-profit company that is committed to giving 50% of those profits freely and fearlessly to initiatives and organizations that align with their mission.


Because KII’s meaningful core values are tied beautifully to their business offerings, our strategy is to begin unfolding their brand story through the rich historical significance of a coat-of-arms as a visual anchor, then continuing its execution within a modern context. The result is a distinguished modern heraldry style that is unique and striking in their market.


The shield, which contains the brand initials KII, and the 2 lions complete the coat of arms, which can stand on its own in many applications as a symbolic brand element. The full signature tells the inherent story of a strong, affluent, purpose-driven business existing within a modern context of God's kingdom on earth. The lions symbolize strength and visualize the lion of Judah, God, being the ultimate owner, the source of strength and driving force behind KII.

Color Palette

KII’s color palette presents sophistication, warmth, with a touch of affluence. Warm dark gray and taupe communicates an approachable yet sophisticated setting to support the complexities of its business contents. Elevated and completed with a touch of gold, KII conveys its connection with wealth acceleration and a higher level of investment, service and partnerships.


KII’s stationery is designed with the purpose to further validate the values and strength of its brand. High quality paper stock, combined with clean simple design, and finished with only touches of gold foil applications convey that the brand carefully invests into its own story with thoughtful decisions and humble confidence, without being over the top.

Presentation Kit: Corporate Brochure, Investment Package, Custom Moleskine Journal and Pen

Through the presentation kit, the KII brand story is consistently being experienced by prospects as they are honored for investing their time and presence in meetings. The experience from each piece of the presentation kit is purposefully thought-out. The corporate brochure unfolds the story of KII, while the investment package introduces information regarding a specific partnership and capital structure that pertains to that prospect, and the branded journal and pen serves as a thoughtful and memorable token of gratitude. Finally, to top it off, as an inspirational leave-behind, a hidden thank you card speaks meaningful words tying back to the source of KII’s brand values, the Bible.


Simple, bold and elegant, the website was carefully designed to take its audience through an engaging, well-organized and memorable journey of KII’s story. Using strategic design and placement of words and images, the audience is given enough information to understand enough about KII’s mission, values, people, value proposition and offerings to drive them to pursue further engagement.

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Brand Book

Our goal is always to arm our clients with the right tools to succeed and grow. KII’s unique branding package includes a printed and digital brand book that unfolds the full brand story in a way that is visually rich and easy to understand. This book includes information such as the brand values, personality, audience, logo specifications, color palette, typography, photography style guide, as well as guidelines on how to execute the brand on printed and digital design.

Custom Photography and Stock Photography Curation

Each custom lifestyle image of the KII partners was art directed and photographed in an authentic way that best portrays each of their roles in the company as an extension of the brand storytelling. To complete the brand story, stock photography was carefully curated for the communication of world and business impact.