• Creative Strategy
  • Branding (culture, colors, style)
  • Copywriting
  • Logo Design
  • Stationery Design
  • Website Concept Design
  • Guidelines


At JCS Concrete, the focus is building a solid foundation that success can continually be built upon. The company provides concrete and masonry services and withholds high standards when it comes to presenting themselves and their job sites.

Strong, simple, professional, friendly and authentic are some of the top qualities of this company culture, and a customer-focused approach is the heart of the company. We developed a brand that communicates this culture in a unique and modern way that stands out from the competition.


The idea was to create a strong modern brand for a concrete company that is built upon the solid foundation of its warm and professional people.


Who says construction workers are rough around the edges? We smoothed out those edges to show that JCS Concrete promises a higher level of professionalism and service from its employees. Clean lines meets thick, masculine type. The harmony in the logo perfectly represents the company.

Color Palette

Industrial concrete gray is juxtaposed against warm red to tell the story that although JCS is hardcore about concrete work, their service is always warm and professional.


We chose a thick stock paper that represents the industry’s tough and sturdy reputation. The high-end feel of the business card stock sets them apart from their competitors and speaks volumes about the serious investment in the brand.

Professional Gear

Work Vehicle

Custom Photography

Custom photography was the solution to telling JCS Concrete’s authentic story on its website. We photographed its real projects and crews using angles and composition that brings the audience right into the action. See the branding and photography live on