• Creative strategy
  • Event Branding (logo, colors, style)
  • Design for Print & Email Invitations
  • Design for Event Branding (banners, labels & signage)
  • Design for Event Experience (educational food stations, educational wine tasting stations & leave behinds)
  • Copywriting Collaboration
  • Art Directing


It was challenging to attract vacation owners to attend the yearly owner’s meeting. Coming up with clever themes, enticing them with giveaways and providing a wealth of information about making the most of their timeshare points just wasn’t enough. Working with the in- house brand team, we dug deeper to develop a concept that vacation owners could relate to, which led to the creation of the ARDA-winning Annual CLUB WYNDHAM Food and Wine Festival.

The purpose of this event was to communicate that the owners were valued as customers and appreciated for their investment of time and money into the company. It began with an educational wine tasting session that ended with a raffle for a prize. A food tasting session followed, allowing the owners to take a culinary journey while learning about how to maximize their vacation points. The event concluded with a business meeting.


The idea was to create an exclusive, bold and fun event experience for Wyndham’s vacation owners to make them feel like the company they invested in also invests in them through education and appreciation.

Color Palette

We started with black to set the tone of exclusivity for the event and then we combined that with vibrant colors reminiscent of food such as tomato, pomegranate, orange juice, tangerine, celery, spinach and cabernet.

Print Media

The design of the print pieces got the guests excited about going to the event and also kept them engaged while they were there.

Education so Delicious You Might Drool

The invitation had to stand out in the mailbox, immediately communicating the importance and exclusivity of this event. As the invited guest opened the napkin invitation, the story began to unfold of a memorable weekend where they were going to be wined and dined by a plethora of fun and educational experiences that they could truly indulge in.

Drink a Little Wine, Feel a Little Love...

"So I have to taste all of the wine first before entering a raffle to win? Ok, if I MUST..."

We made it irresistible for the guests to learn more about the business and provide Wyndham with their marketing information. You see, this passport had two purposes. It was a fun, interactive tool for the wine tasting portion of the event, which also served as an educational experience. It then served as a raffle ticket that the guests turned in with their information at the end.

Snapshots from the event