• Creative strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Brand refresh
  • Campaign design
  • Annual Report design & production
  • Environmental design
  • Custom lifestyle photography
  • Website design and development


CareerSource Central Florida helps connect career seekers to local opportunities. CSCF is dedicated to impacting the Central Florida community by curating highly-skilled and qualified candidates to meet business needs and championing professionals of all levels to reach their career goals.

A strong network of community partnerships with colleges, businesses, and training programs provides a wealth of resources for CSCF to extend to career seekers. In addition, CSCF has its own team of career consultants to help people find a career that meets their needs and matches their skills and interests.


CSCF already had a pre-established logo, identity, and color palette, so the goal was to refresh their brand in order to tell the brand story in a more compelling way. By employing consistent tone and messaging within a unifying theme that every career is a journey, we were able to effectively communicate CSCF’s company mission and ensure that all of the elements were cohesive and accurate. A custom brand pattern was designed using the tri-arrow shape of the CSCF logo, resulting in a multidimensional jewel-like arrangement that is bold, yet recognizable.

Summer Youth Program

CSCF offers a summer program for students and young professionals, ages 16-24. Participants can choose from three programs; Explore, Experience, and Accelerate. We developed a marketing campaign to promote each program that was consistent with CSCF’s brand and presented the information with copy that was encouraging and friendly. We used the summery colors of CSCF’s original brand to our advantage, utilizing brighter shades of each color- fresh lime green, bright sky blue, and citrus orange – to evoke energy and positivity.

Many of the print materials were directed to a specific audience. The copy for the student materials was more upbeat, appealing to a younger audience, while the copy for the business partner materials maintained CSCF’s corporate tone.

Social Media

Career Center Site Branding

CSCF opened a new career center in Sumter County. The concept was to create a visual and physical simulation of a career journey as each career seeker walks through the facility. From the moment they enter the building, guests are greeted by warm, friendly colors and encouraging words. CSCF wanted career seekers to know that they are not alone on their journey and to create a welcoming and exciting environment to help any feelings of intimidation or fear. 

Inspiring quotes were featured in every room and throughout each hallway. Our copy evoked a feeling of adventure and possibility, using words such as explore, infinite, and new horizons. 

Ticket to Work

CareerSource Central Florida partnered with the Social Security Administration to sponsor Ticket to Work, a program designed to help career seekers with disabilities find a career path that meets their needs and complements their interests. We provided positive and empowering copy to inform potential Ticket to Work recipients about the benefits of the program and encourage them to apply. We took care in selecting photography for distribution materials that reflected professionals with disabilities thriving in the workforce. We wanted to convey the Ticket to Work program as a resource for individuals with disabilities to re-engage in their community as working professionals and feel supported and valued in their career endeavors.

Annual Report

Our goal was to showcase the company performance data within an engaging and compelling narrative about how CSCF’s accomplished its mission to positively impact the Central Florida community. 

The report was centered around the three pillars of CSCF’s brand; inspiring people, transforming business, and elevating community. We interviewed three storytellers, selected by CSCF, and created testimonials for each pillar, illustrating the way CSCF lived out their brand values and providing the statistical data as evidence. The numbers became part of the narrative, creating a more enjoyable reading experience. 

Lifestyle Photography

As an accompaniment for the annual report, we provided lifestyle photography for the three interviews. Each storyteller was photographed in their daily professional environment, capturing the authenticity of their story. We wanted to emphasize that the narratives featured true stories of real people living and working in Central Florida, who were genuinely impacted by CSCF’s service.