• Creative Strategy
  • Branding for Beth Carter Photography and Real Me teen photography division
  • Copywriting for main messaging of the 2 brands
  • Logo Design for the 2 brands
  • Stationery Design for the 2 brands
  • Packaging Design
  • Responsive Website Design for the 2 brands
  • Developing Brand Guidelines


Beth Carter Photography captures the beauty of family stories with the intention of creating displayed and treasured art pieces that will captivate them each and everyday. With thousands of pictures being taken with phones and stored on a cloud seldom to be seen, Beth’s mission is to rescue her clients from the results of these mundane mechanical clicks into the breathtaking art that is created from the perspective of her professional eyes. In a world where life moves fast, kids grow up fast, and everything is on the go and instant, Beth Carter’s talents allow her clients to intentionally pause, capture a moment and revel in its beauty.

Through our creation of the Real Me teen photography brand, Beth Carter will channel her love for working with teens and flourish her talents for this unique niche in hope to build their self-confidence and celebrate their individuality.


Rebrand Beth Carter Photography to be the creator of timeless art that is worth investing in, and develop a new brand for teens that builds their confidence and celebrates their individuality through photography.

Real Me Identity

The Real Me logo derives a part of its logo type from the Beth Carter Photography parent company and adds a script type as the star element to tell a story of a fun, free-spirited brand for a younger teen audience. The Real Me brand anthem is designed to be worn on apparels to encourage teens to express themselves by being true to who they really are

Beth Carter Photography Identity

Beth Carter’s logo mark originated from the intersection of 4 circles that is stylistically framed into a square, representing a family story captured into a work of art. The symbol is meaningful, simple, yet elegant and strong enough to stand on its own.

Color Palette

Charcoal, eggshell and carton creates a neutral elevated rustic palette that will harmoniously accent all her photography instead of taking attention away from them. Eggshell and carton are warm reminiscence of the natural feel of a farmhouse, while deep charcoal adds elegance and a bit of drama to elevate her works of art.

Real Me Photography Stationery

The square business cards are fun, unique and memorable for the teens. The multiple images on the back make it easy for Beth to show the perfect portfolio sample that speaks to the audience she is reaching out to at the moment.

Real Me Responsive Website Design

Real Me’s website is designed to look and feel like it belongs to the same brand family as Beth Carter Photography and to transition well when users go between the two brands. Focusing on teens, Real Me’s home page is designed specifically to give teen audience and their parents visual and ideas on the different occasions to book a session. See it live on

Real Me Apparels

Beth Carter is not just photographing teens. She is relaying an encouraging and inspirational message to the teens that will positively impact their social circles. As an awesome icing that tops the photography session experience, each teen client will receive this exclusive t-shirt with his/her session.

Beth Carter Photography Stationery

The square business cards perfectly frame the Beth Carter Photography brand. With multiple backs, these cards are the perfect way to target the audience and give them previews to the online portfolio.

Beth Carter Photography Responive Website Design

The website is designed to create an enjoyable and effective experience for the audience who wants to learn about the brand. See it live on

Beth Carter Photography Packaging Design

Simple and beautiful. Down-to- earth, yet elegant. Using rustic kraft paper combined with elegant black labels, black ribbons, and black tissue paper, the elevated rustic feel of her brand is consistently executed throughout her packaging, making a delightful experience for clients as they receive their printed art pieces.