We're Bright Ideas. Nice to meet you.

Our Purpose

Be the Light

We will be the light through our work by exceeding expectations and delivering quality services and products. We will be the light through our team by collaborating with patience and an open mind. We strive to navigate through difficult situations with respect and integrity to inspire others while transforming the business world. This is important to us because God is the source of light and we are to reflect who he is not only through the quality of our work, but in the way we operate our business. It is through our actions that others should be able to see his light.

Shine the Light

As the storyteller of brands, we shine the light on our clients, not ourselves. We are selective when choosing projects so we can give each one our full attention and be our client's brand champion. We support our clients’ mission and take seriously the responsibility of being a significant source of influence in their brands. Educating each client about the value of brilliant design and customer experience in transforming their brands is a part of what we do. We inspire our clients to live out their purpose to the fullest potential, even through the smallest details.

Bring the Light

Bringing the light into a world of brokenness is a part of our privilege and purpose. We are to serve others by giving financially and helping worthy organizations create tools to restore hope. Bringing the light to each other through encouragement and support strengthens us to fulfill our unified mission. It means caring about our team’s personal and professional growth through mentorship and training. It means supporting local artists and being a platform of impact for their talents. Having profits to us means supporting our Bright Ideas family, growing so we can help more, and giving to those in need of our financial and intellectual contributions.

Our Passion


Purpose is what drives leaders to move from being dreamers to living the dream. It is the kind of excellence that produces growth and, ultimately, brand affinity. Our purpose is to illuminate your brand story so you can live your purpose brilliantly. You are the reason we get up every morning, overdose on coffee and go to work. We strive to make your brand story shine with your company's growth being the natural result of people's engagement in your story.


We don't just make your story look awesome, we believe that purposeful existence is the key to effective communication. We use both analytical left brain and our creative right brain because they are not opposing forces here. They are powerful, complimentary forces where strategy and aesthetics meet, and where business and art are united. This harmony of contrasting principles is the key ingredient we use to effectively unfold your brand story.


We think of ourselves as members of many different teams, one of which could be yours. We are here to bring your story to life because we have your best interest at heart. Our desire is to collaborate and share our expertise so you can shine bright. You educate us on your business, and we will effectively tell your brand story. So expect to have good, insightful conversations, probably over coffee. Expect us to become one of your biggest fans. Expect to have fun.

Our Storytellers

Working with Bright Ideas is like having your own team of strategists, designers, writers and web engineers who can execute your vision and articulate your story effectively in all channels of communication.

Lydia Paterson


Much like exotic coffee beans, Lydia’s roots were grown in the rich volcanic soil of Java, an island of Indonesia. She was 11 years old when her family dug up those roots and replanted them in United States soil to be cultivated and transformed from a rice junkie to a mac and cheese connoisseur. She was a nerd when she was a kid, and she still is. As Lydia grew up, she developed her analytical left brain with a degree in accounting and her creative right brain with a degree in graphic design.

Being creative and business minded makes Lydia a lethal branding ninja. Her 10+ years of experience as a creative director, photographer and graphic designer is only one chapter in her story of establishing a unique harmony between her left and her right brain. It was these complimentary forces that crafted a career where strategy and aesthetics meet, and where business and art are united.

From her big move as child and into her adult life, she is not afraid to dream big and use art – her true passion – as an expression for herself and her clients. She is passionate about living out her purpose by inspiring and helping others to live brilliantly.

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